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The Most Popular Tattoos

Tattoos, together with piercings, are among the most popular ways of decorating one’s body. Some choose to cover a significant portion of their body with drawings that do not necessarily carry any significant meaning but are simply aesthetically pleasing. Others get tiny symbolic tattoos charged with meaning and emotional attachments. Some do it where only they can see it, some get tattoos to make statements. Whatever the reasons might be, there are some tattoos that can be seen around a lot more often than others. Let’s explore what they are and what are the reasons behind their universal popularity.

The Most Popular Tattoos
The Most Popular Tattoos


Although people get creative by tattooing the inside of their lip, their scalp or their feet, some body parts are undeniable favourites. Probably the most prominent one is wrist since it is the perfect place to get a small yet meaningful tattoo that everyone will be able to see. The negative side is that you might have issues hiding it if need be. Another very popular place is ribs. However, a little more consideration is needed since tattoos that usually go there are a lot larger in size but the location itself is extremely painful – the needle reaches the bone every time it is stuck into the skin! However, once the process is over, you can enjoy a tattoo that you can show off in a bikini or an open shirt and hide whenever you wish. Some other body parts people love to get tattoos on are arms, ankles, and neck.


  • Flowers are a timeless classic to bring to the first date as well as get a drawing of on your body. Since they carry the connotation of delicacy, graciousness, and femininity, flowers are loved by the ladies. Some will cover half of their back with rose buds, some will get very minimalistic, line-based tiny drawing on their finger or behind their ear. Whatever it is, if a person has many tattoos, chances are at least one includes flowers.
  • Insects and animals are also super common. Be it a woman who decided to get a butterfly tattoo or a person who wants to get a minimalistic drawing of their pet somewhere on their body, these two types of tattoos can be seen on quite a few bodies.
  • Symbols are quite mainstream. Infinity symbol, hearts, geometric figures, one or two letters of some ancient language, Celtic or Egyptian symbolism, important dates, lucky numbers and initials of beloved ones all find a place on the skin of those looking for something small but permanent. Whether the person picks the symbol because of the meaning attached to it or, vice versa, ascribes their personal meaning, others upon seeing it can usually only guess what it stands for.
  • Words are undeniably one of the top choices for tattoo lovers. They are a lot more straightforward than small symbols, however, people oftentimes choose to get a phrase in a language even they themselves don’t speak – it adds mystery to the tattoo as mostly only they know what it says.