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Halloween Face Painting Ideas

It’s that time of the year! Everyone is carving pumpkins, preparing costumes and candy for a celebration that dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Halloween brings people, young and old, together with its spooky spirit and fun activities. Some choose to spend their evenings watching horror movies with popcorn of their choice, some like to go around trick-or-treating, others prefer to socialize and dance the night away in Halloween-themed parties. Whatever the activity of your choice is, what oftentimes makes or breaks the evening is great, detailed, thought-out and impressively done Halloween make up. What are the options? Limitless, but here are some ideas you can begin with.

Halloween Face Painting Ideas
Halloween Face Painting Ideas


Good old classic. Few things are scarier than the idea of skeletons walking around in the human world. That, and the beautiful aesthetics this sort of make up allows, have made skull and skeleton make up one of the go-to choices for any kind of Halloween activity participants. Depending on your skill and how much preparation time you can dedicate, you can consider painting a half-skull, full face skull or even including parts of your upper body for a truly transformative look. If done well, this look never gets old and it is also quite convenient as it mostly requires two colours only – black and white. You always have the option of adding accents of your choice though!

Zodiac Signs

These have become a very popular Halloween face make up idea – they immediately communicate a visual message about the person, as most usually choose their own zodiac sign. Zodiac signs have insane amount of symbolism attached to them and thus allow to create a very mysterious look. You can incorporate other parts of your body, especially your hair, to create an even more unique representation of your zodiac sign. This is also a great option for those who do not have the time or the wish to have a full-face make over. With the previously mentioned skull make up, for instance, there is no avoiding of fully covered skin and a lot of work is needed to achieve that. Zodiac signs can be interpreted differently and thus can have as much face coverage as the person desires.

Halloween Face Painting Ideas
Halloween Face Painting Ideas


Want to be a lioness or a lion and the day of the party has arrived, yet you realize you don’t have an impressive costume? Animal make up is a great way to complement the fact that you didn’t try hard enough on your costume. If painted well, it will leave no questions regarding the identity of your character and might even make you the star of the night! Consider a wig or an appropriate hairdo that blends with your make up in colour and texture because when it comes to animals, lines between hair and skin are not as clearly defined as those of humans.

Additional Features

Are you or your friends extra good at face painting? There is always the option of an extra eye, or a distorted lip make up that will make your face look super trippy and extraterrestrial. However, this is only an option if you indeed do face paint very well, because an amateur effort might prove to have an opposite effect from what you wish.

Whatever make up you choose, unless you practice face painting on a regular basis, do use YouTube tutorials or other kinds of visual aids. Those will not only guide you through the process more smoothly but might also offer ideas you otherwise would not have thought of!

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